Gradually this spot was developed into a temple where thousands come to propitiate the Devi. The Devi was given the name of Naubahi because of her being nine armed; “bahi” is arm. In the times to come, the name was corrupted to Nabahi.


Different Forms of Maa Nabahi NavDurga Astadasbhuja Dhari……. JAI MATA RANI DI

Jai Mata Rani Di

Hello all dear viewer and reader’s 

Today I am feeling very happy because today I view and read something about MyLord Durga Maa Naubahi on internet from that I feel that there is a lot of mata rani bhagat in HP who know the power of this lord Devi “MAA NAUBAHI NAVDURGA”. After getting inspiration from that person. I also write something that I know about My Navdurga….

 Nabahi NavDurga Astadasbhuja Dhari

Story of Maa Naubahi Avatar in the Holy Land of Sarkaghat Mandi H.P

This is Shivani Sharma from Vill Jukain Nabahi Sarkaghat distt Mandi H.P 

It’s very Old story from Late A.D as per the people at that time told that, Once a bangalseller is going from this area  by loudly speaking that “Chudiya Pahna lo bange pahn lo  like that”. Then after he went for another place from this place and after some distance he seen that a lot little little[k1]  tiny children were playing in the Forest or “jungle” in the path. Those children were actually “Gawale”(means those person who have lot of goat and sheep’s) and between these child’s there is a small beautiful child Girls(Navdurga) and when this girls sew the bangleseller(banjara) then she told him that she wants to bear bangle’s “banga” for her both hands and banjara agreed for that and banjara starts bearing bangle in to the both two hands of the Girl. Then banjara thought that I had already beared bangles in 2 hands but there is no end of hands over and over again one over other so doing that banjara counts NINE HANDS of the girl.


When banjara looked on the face of that girl, than banjara got fallen down and got Unconscious Acwrieya when he saw the bright, and full of TEJ (divine powered Face) face of that Girl and then after some time when he woke up at that time that girl is not there, and then banjara went to the nearest village and told the story of that small pretty beautiful girl to those villagers. But villagers couldn’t believe on his story.

Then there is light in the sky suddenly with big sounds (garjna) and that small Girl become NAVDURGA with and that devi said that I am Navdurga (AstadasbhujaDhari) and I opted here (Parkat here)  for the help of people for Dharm Kalyan and protected the people from evil spirits and distribute the fame of love and religion among the peoples, so Make a TEMPLE of mine here, and after saying that, that girl or Maa Naubahi or NavDurga or 9 Deviyan with 18 hands (which fill with difFF rent Astra and Sastra) . so after that this place become the one of holy place in Mandi Sarkaghat. People come and pray Mata Rani and mata rani full fill there all desire and Manat whatever the people want. So from that day to till there is lot of people bad or good came in the temple of this lord Durga.

So this small girl who play with small children in the forest or jungle is the savroop of Navdurga or you can say Ashatbhuja Dhari Mata Rani……

I am Shivani a very simple person who lives in Mandi and believes in   the worship of goddess Durga . Mandi is very famous for the temples situated here . Mandi is also known as ‘’little kashi’’ of Himachal Pradesh due to the presence of  large number of temples  here . The main reason I love my district is the believe of people in god especially Maa NavDurga located in Nabahi, Sarkaghat. Mandi is blessed due to the availability of a large number of  gods present in the district and will always be blessed due to our Maa NavDurga . I am deeply in love with my state and country and I feel very blessed to born in this district where Maa NavDurga is truly present and enlighten the path of the common people . 

Please Maa NavDurga forgive me for the mistakes I have done in my past .I am your worshiper  u are my forgiver who knows I am very dumb without your help so please always be there by my side …..


Dharamshala Himachal Pardesh Dharamshala Himachal Pardesh Dharamshala Himachal Pardesh Dharamshala Himachal Pardesh Dharamshala Himachal Pardesh